You can track our progress through our milestones.


Meltano currently follows a weekly release schedule.

For our recent changes, you can check our CHANGELOG.


The focus of our team is to grow MAUI by 10% every week. We track the Monthly Active Users (MAU) of three things to understand the health of our user adoption funnel from first impression to fully onboarded user:

  1. Website
  2. Meltano Command Line Interface - CLI
  3. Meltano UI

The MAU of the UI are called MAUI, this is pronounced like the island.

Internal metrics:

  1. Google Analytics for MAUI
  2. Google Analytics for CLI MAU
  3. Google Analytics for Website MAU


The focus of our team is to grow MAUI by 10% every week. A week is measured from Sunday to Saturday. Every improvement we make should be optimized by that. This means sometimes we should prioritize promotion (blog, twitter, video, talk) and usability (docs, UX) over new features.


We are building Meltano to solve a problem that software companies share: How to acquire the highest-value customers at the lowest cost of acquisition?

We are solving this problem for by incorporating what we learn along the way into a product that delivers practical and quantifiable value to our customers. Next, we will focus on building a community around Meltano with more users and regular contributors to the code base.

Right now Meltano is open source. In the future we'll introduce proprietary features to have a sustainable business model to do quality control, marketing, security, dependency upgrades, and performance improvements. An example of a proprietary/source available feature is fine grained access controls. We'll always be good stewards similar to GitLab.

Last Updated: 3/8/2019, 8:56:54 PM