Salesforce is Acquiring Tableau for $15.7B

It seems the consolidation train is chugging along nicely. This morning, it was announced that Salesforce* is acquiring business intelligence and data analytics company Tableau for $15.7B, a healthy premium on the company’s $10.8B market cap. While this is an impressive outcome for the 16 year old company, it will be interesting to see what it could mean for their customers and the broader market. Some open questions this morning:

Last week, we explored what Looker’s acquisition by Google could mean for the free open source data analytics movement and ultimately kicked off a new open source project with collaborators at Rakam to develop a spec defining an alternative to LookML.

Meltano is still in the early days, and seeing major transactions like these make us very bullish that this is a space where there is a great deal of untapped opportunity in terms of product offering, business mode, and for us — acquiring a unique customer base. Because we are able to offer a free open source alternative, much smaller companies can rely on Meltano for their business data dashboards without locking themselves into expensive contracts. As consolidation continues, it will be interesting to see how the “low end” disruptive part of the market we are serving evolves.

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*Disclosure: Meltano’s GM, Danielle Morrill, is a shareholder in Salesforce.

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab