Meltano 0.31 Released

If this is your first time exploring Meltano for your company’s data pipeline management, you can follow our Installation Guide and Getting Started Guideto get going in minutes!

Upgrading Meltano

To upgrade Meltano run the following command:

pip install --upgrade meltano


  • #766 Add Codeowners file so that the “approvers” section on MRs is more useful for contributors
  • #750 Various UX updates (mostly tooltips) to make the configuration UI for scheduling orchestration easier to understand
  • #739 Updated discovery.yml for better consistency of UI order within each connector’s settings (authentication -> contextual -> start/end dates). Improved various settings’ kind, label, and description. Added a documentation prop to provide a documentation link for involved settings (temp until we have better first class support for more complex setting types)


  • #737 Fixed UI flash for connector settings when installation is complete but configSettings has yet to be set
  • #751 Fixed the Orchestrations view by properly checking if Airflow is installed so the correct directions display to the user

Instructions for upgrading to the most current version of Meltano are available in our documentation.

To see the full history of improvements to Meltano, please review our CHANGELOG

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab