Meltano 0.33 Released

If this is your first time exploring Meltano for your company’s data pipeline management, you can follow our Installation Guide and Getting Started Guide to get going in minutes!

Upgrading Meltano

To upgrade Meltano run the following command:

pip install --upgrade meltano


  • #788 Reydrate filters in Analyze UI after loading a saved report containing filters


  • #804 Connection set in the Design view are now persistent by Design


  • #788 Properly reset the default state of the Analyze UI so stale results aren’t displayed during a new analysis
  • !806 Fix filters editing to prevent input for is_null and is_not_null while also ensuring edits to existing filter expressions types adhere to the same preventitive input.
  • #582 Remove the export statements in the default .env initialized by meltano init.
  • #816 Fix meltano install failing when connections where specified in the meltano.yml
  • #786 Fixed an issue with the SQL engine would mixup table names with join/design names

Instructions for upgrading to the most current version of Meltano are available in our documentation.

To see the full history of improvements to Meltano, please review our CHANGELOG

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab