Meltano 0.34 Released

If this is your first time exploring Meltano for your company’s data pipeline management, you can follow our Installation Guide and Getting Started Guide to get going in minutes!

Upgrading Meltano

To upgrade Meltano run the following command:

pip install --upgrade meltano


  • #757 Update ‘meltano permissions’ to add support for GRANT ALL and FUTURE GRANTS on tables in schemas
  • #760 Update ‘meltano permissions’ to add support for granting permissions on VIEWs
  • #812 meltano ui will now stop stale Airflow workers when starting
  • #762 Added run ELT via the UI (manages multiple and simultaneous runs)
  • #232 Meltano now bundles Alembic migrations to support graceful database upgrades


  • #828 Docker installation instructions have been dogfooded, clarified, and moved to Installation section


  • #807 Fix filter input validation when editing saved filters
  • #822 Fix pipeline schedule naming via slugify to align with Airflow DAG naming requirements
  • #820 Fix meltano select not properly connecting to the system database
  • #787 Fix results sorting to support join tables
  • #832 Fix schedule creation endpoint to return properly typed response (this became an issue as a result of our recent case conversion interceptor)
  • #819 Running the Meltano UI using gunicorn will properly update the system database

Instructions for upgrading to the most current version of Meltano are available in our documentation.

To see the full history of improvements to Meltano, please review our CHANGELOG

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab