Meltano 0.40 Released

If this is your first time exploring Meltano for your company’s data pipeline management, you can follow our Installation Guide and Getting Started Guide to get going in minutes!


  • #916 Add Transform step as first-class and adjacent step to Extract and Load
  • #916 Improve Create Pipeline Schedule default selection UX by leveraging “ELT recents” concept
  • #936 Add “Refresh Airflow” button in Orchestrate to bypass route change or full-page refresh when iframe doesn’t initially inflate as expected (this will likely be automated once the root cause is determined)
  • #899 Add deep linking improvements to reports and dashboards to better facilitate sharing
  • #899 Add “Edit” and “Explore” buttons to each report instance displayed in a dashboard to enable editing said report and exploring a fresh and unselected analysis of the same model and design


  • #909 Default names will be generated for Reports and Dashboards
  • #892 Improve experience for parsing Snowflake URL for ID by showing processing step
  • #935 Update Entity Selection to be nested in the Extract step so each ELT step is consecutive
  • #886 Add validation for grouping settings as the next iteration of improved form validation for generated connector settings


  • #931 Fix Analyze Connections identifier mismatch resulting from recent linting refactor
  • #919 Fix Airflow iframe automatic UI refresh
  • #937 Fix Chart.vue prop type error

Instructions for upgrading to the most current version of Meltano are available in our documentation.

To see the full history of improvements to Meltano, please review our CHANGELOG

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab