Announcing the Meltano 1-Click App, Now Available in the DigitalOcean Marketplace

We are so happy to announce that Meltano is now supported as a one-click installer within the DigitalOcean Marketplace, enabling users to get started with Meltano in minutes with a pre-configured DigitalOcean Droplet in less than 60 seconds.

Install Meltano on DigitalOcean

Ready to take Meltano for a spin? Get started with these simple instructions:

Once you have Meltano up and running, our Getting Started Guide provides a walkthrough of Meltano’s data-to-dashboard capabilities, so you can begin extracting data, building models, and performing analysis in minutes!

We are grateful to our partners at DigitalOcean, Nick Wade, Ryan Quinn and Daniel Levy for helping us get this released. The DigitalOcean Marketplace launched earlier this year, and we are thrilled to join companies like GitLab, Docker, CloudBees, WordPress and many more.

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab