Meltano V1.0 Release & Speedrun Test

This morning, we announced Meltano has reached our v1.0 stable release, and the videos below are great for new and potential contributors looking to see our release process.

Release Process

Meltano’s release process is documented here, and in this video we talk through the steps as well as a tricky issue with version 1.0 (which is actually 1.0.1 in PyPi because of a release back in February that took the 1.0 tag by accident):

Post Release Speedrun

In addition to automated testing, after each release we perform and record a “speedrun” (a term we’ve stolen from expert gamer videos) to make sure the user experience is quick and integrated.

We hope you enjoy v1.0, and that you will check out all the improvements we’ve made to Meltano!

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab