Building In Public: A Window Into How We Work at Meltano

I enjoyed a meeting run by my teammate Micael, and want to highlight it here to provide a window into how we work at Meltano. This video captures a meeting called by a senior engineer on our team to clarify the purpose and workflow around a feature. Through the discussion, it reveals other areas that need more attention and engages the rest of the team in dialoguing about who our ideal customers area, what they need, and how we can deliver.

You can watch us build Meltano in public through our YouTube channel, which is updated several times a week with tutorials, product speedruns and dogfooding, demo days showing recently completed work, and other ad hoc conversations like this one.

Because we are a fully remote team, working a-synchronously across several time zones from GTM -8 to GMT +2, video recordings of meetings and other important content is a huge part of how we work together. I have never done this before, and now I can’t imagine going back. Maybe you will be able to explore some of these tactics for leading your own team.

If you think this is cool, and want to work on Meltano, you can contact me at about our Senior Product Designer and Senior Product Manager roles — which we will be hiring for in early 2020.

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab