Meltano v1.4.0 Released

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#1208 Add description to Plugin definition and updated discovery.yml and UI to consume it

#1195 Add temporary message in configuration communicating their global nature until “Profiles” are implemented

#1245 Add detailed information on the documentation about events tracked by Meltano when Anonymous Usage Data tracking is enabled.


#1244 Add instructions on how to deactivate a virtual environment

#1126 Minor UI updates to improve clarity around Schedule step and Manual vs Orchestrated runs

#1210 Improved SQLite loader configuration context (name and description)

#1185 Remove majority of unimplemented placeholder UI buttons

#1166 Clarify in documentation that plugin configuration is stored in the .meltano directory, which is in .gitignore.

#1200 Link to new Getting Help documentation section instead of issue tracker where appropriate

#1227 Update Notebook MainNav link to jump to our Jupyter Notebook docs


#1075 Fix a bug that caused target-csv to fail.

#1233 Fix the Design page failing to load a Design that has timeframes on the base table

#1187 Updated configuration to support readonly kind to prevent unwanted editing

#1187 Updated configuration to setting resets to prevent unwanted editing

#1187 Updated configuration to conditionally reset certain settings to prevent unwanted editing

#1187 Updated configuration to prevent unwanted editing until we handle this properly with role-based access control

#1187 Updated certain connector configuration settings with a readonly flag to prevent unwanted editing in the UI. This is temporary and will be removed when we handle this properly with role-based access control.

#1198 Fix “More Info.” link in configuration to properly open a new tab via target="_blank"

#1229 Improve extractor schema autodiscovery error messages and don’t attempt autodiscovery when it is known to not be supported, like in the case of tap-gitlab

#1207 Updated all screenshots in Getting Started Guide to reflect the most current UI

Video: 1.4.0 Demo Day

Video: 1.4.0 Speedrun

Instructions for upgrading to the most current version of Meltano are available in our documentation.

To see the full history of improvements to Meltano, please review our CHANGELOG

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab