Meltano v1.5.0 Released

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  • #1285 Add link to YouTube guidelines for release instructions
  • #1222 Include static application security testing (SAST) in the pipeline
  • #1164 Add “transform limitations” message to Transform UI
  • #1272 Add Vuepress plugin to generate a sitemap on website build
  • meltano-marketing#89 Adds basic title and meta descriptions to all public-facing website & documentation pages.


  • #1239 Update header buttons layout on small viewports
  • #1019 Automatically update package.json file versions
  • #1253 Do not allow meltano command invocation without any argument
  • #1192 Improve helper notes associated with each Extract, Load, and Transform step to better communicate the purpose of each
  • #1201 Improved “Auto Advance” messaging regarding Entity Selection. We also doubled the default toast time to improve likelihood of reading feedback.
  • #1191 update Google Analytics extractor documentation to explain how to set up the Google Analytics API, and remove duplicate instructions from the Google Analytics API + Postgres tutorial
  • #1199 Add example and sample CSV files to the CSV extractor documentation
  • #1247 Update the Loading CSV Files to a Postgres Database Tutorial to use Meltano UI for setting up the Extractor and Loader, running the ELT pipeline and analyzing the results. Also provide all the files used in the tutorial (transformations, models, etc) as downloadable files.
  • [#1279] Revise “Roadmap” section of the docs with clarified persona, mission, vision, and re-order content
  • #1134 Update the GitLab API + Postgres. Include video walk-through and update the end to end flow to only use Meltano UI.
  • #95 Update the DigitalOcean CTA to go to the public directory page for the Meltano droplet
  • #1270 Main navigation “Pipeline” to “Pipelines” to reinforce multiple vs. singular (conflicts a bit with the verb approach of the other navigation items but we think it’s worth it for now)
  • #1240 Provide clarity around how Airflow can be used directly in documentation and UI
  • #1263 Document lack of Windows support and suggest WSL, Docker


  • #1259 Fix meltano elt not properly logging errors happening in the ELT process
  • #1183 Fix a race condition causing the meltano.yml to be empty in some occurence
  • #1258 Fix format of custom extractor’s capabilities in meltano.yml
  • #1215 Fix intercom documentation footer overlap issue.
  • #1215 Fix YouTube iframes to be responsive (resolves unwanted side-effect of horizontal scrollbar at mobile/tablet media queries)

Video: 1.5.0 Demo Day

Video: 1.5.0 Speed Run

Instructions for upgrading to the most current version of Meltano are available in our documentation.

To see the full history of improvements to Meltano, please review our CHANGELOG

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab