Meltano is Going SaaS: You Bring the Data + We’ll Handle the Hosting and Setup

Set up a free fully hosted instance of Meltano, with the data connectors and dashboards you need!

Meltano is Making the Move to SaaS

Our goal for 2019 is to get Meltano in the hands of thousands of users, ending the year with 1,000 MAUI (monthly active UI users). Despite our best efforts, and many improvements recently, we are still lagging behind this goal.

While Meltano will continue to offer self-hosted options for more technical users, it has become clear that there is still too much friction in getting started.

Reducing Friction in User Adoption

We believe this is due in significant part to a few core issues facing our target persona, The Founder:

  • Self-hosting software requires technical know-how or the patience to walk through step-by-step instruction guides
  • Meltano needs to support more data sources to deliver insights that The Founder cares about: how much is it costing to acquire my customers? how are they using my product? are they happy?
  • Meltano needs to work out of the box, with far less configuration of databases and transforms
  • Meltano needs to be more opinionated about what dashboards and metrics to provide, based on the data that is connected

We look forward to working with you to set up the data connectors you care about, and help build the reports and dashboards that you’ll be excited to share with your investors and team members.

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab