Meltano v1.9.0 and v1.9.1 are Now Available

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Some users who upgraded to v1.8.0 may have experienced issues after installation – v1.9.0 and v1.9.1 fix these issues. If you’re having trouble with v1.8.0, please upgrade to v1.9.1. If problems persist, please feel free to reach out to us on our public Slack!

Fixes in v1.9.1

  • #1355 Upgrade version of discovery.yml so that not upgraded Meltano instances with a pre v1.9.0 Meltano version do not break.

New in v1.9.0

  • marketing#103 Add Google Site Verification token to site
  • #1346 Add new tutorial for using FileZilla with a Meltano project
  • #1292 Add guide for setting up Meltano projects on

Changes v1.9.0

  • #1341 Various discovery.yml and connector configuration UI updates to improve UX.
  • #1341 Updated documentation to communicate the various optional settings of a connector

Fixes in v1.9.0

  • #1334 Fix automatic population of airflow.cfg after installation
  • #1344 Fix an ELT automatic discovery error when running Meltano on Python3.6

What’s Next

Every week, the Meltano team records their kickoff meeting on Monday morning. Each recorded meeting is available for anyone to watch. Watch this week’s video where we discuss the upcoming release and what’s on deck for the week! (Don’t worry, even though Danielle is participating from her car, she’s safely and legally parked in the winter wonderland that is Denver, Colorado.)