Meltano v1.12.0 is Now Available

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New in 1.12.0

  • #1374 Add role revocation for users and roles in the meltano permissions command
  • #1377 Document cleanup steps after MeltanoData testing
  • #1438 Add documentation for DNS spoofing error
  • #1436 Add video walkthrough on how to setup Google Analytics so that the Meltano Extractor can be able to access the Google APIs and the Google Analytics data.

Changes in 1.12.0

  • #1350 Switch to all lower case for Snowflake permission comparisons in the meltano permissions command
  • #1449 Hide the Marketo Extractor form Meltano UI
  • #1397 Optimize workflow for MeltanoData setup
  • #1423 Update sidebar and docs to include Ansible