Meltano v1.12.1 is Now Available

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Meltano v1.12.1 is now available, and makes a change to the Meltano UI that is aimed at simplifying the user experience when working with Meltano in the browser. The “Orchestrate”, “Model”, and “Notebook” tabs have been removed from the main navigation, and will be reconsidered when the features they represent provide value to Meltano users.

The three items removed offered limited functionality in the first place, and most users won’t even notice they’re gone. The “Orchestrate” and “Model” tabs offered customization options for something that was designed to work by default, and the “Notebook” tab was simply a link to documentation – all items we believe took away from the user experience and provided little to no value in exchange.

Removing major UI components is never taken lightly, and this decision stems from hundreds of conversations internally at GitLab, with current Meltano users, and with prospective Meltano users. We believe that removing these options simplifies the Meltano workflow, reduces confusion for first-time users, and cuts complexity in day-to-day operations when Meltano is deployed and shared across teams.

Changes in 1.12.1

  • #1403 Remove “Orchestrate”, “Model”, and “Notebook” from the main navigation until each respective UI is more useful (the /orchestrate and /model routes still exist)
  • #1476 Add database and warehouse revocations for roles in the meltano permissions command
  • #1473 Update Release issue template to recent guidelines