Meltano v1.13.0 is Now Available

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  • #1269 Add kind: file so single file uploads can be used with extractors (tap-google-analytics‘s key_file_location is the first user)
  • #1494 Add LIKE options to Analyze Filter UI so users better understand what filtering patterns are available


  • #1399 Log Modal now has a prompt to explain potential factors in required time for pipelines to complete
  • #1433 Remove /orchestrate route and thus the Airflow iframe as this is overkill for our current target users


  • #1434 Fix Analyze CTAs to only enable if at least one related pipeline has succeeded
  • #1447 Various fixes around loading and reloading reports to mitigate false positive sqlErrorMessage conditions
  • #1509 Allow plugin profile config to be set through meltano.yml

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab