Meltano Sprint Review & Demo Day 2020-01-17

We are proud to build in public, and every Friday we get together as a team to go over our priorities, learnings, and metrics and we also walk through what got done and demo the most visible improvements to Meltano.

Sprint Review

This week’s sprint includes:

  • Created a dashboard for paid advertising campaigns with Google Data Studio (will eventually replicate in Meltano, this is a great example of what users want)
  • We now have a Facebook Ads data extractor!
  • We now have a CTA linking users to the public demo instance of Meltano
  • Annotated the extractor setup modal with embedded docs to help users quickly know where to get things like their account IDs, etc.
  • New tutorials for Stripe and Zendesk configuration
  • Updated Getting Started workflow removing SQLite
  • Back button now works, instead of kicking you to the homepage
  • We are now tracking last logged in timestamp for Meltano instances, so we can know if instances are active and reach out to people to re-engage them
  • Users can now drag-and-drop re-order reports within a dashboard
  • Onboarding UI is simplified to be less focus on a pipeline and more focus on connecting data sources and configuring them
  • “Analyze” is now called “Reports” to make it more clear what is behind that link

Metrics Review

Last year, our single KPI to focus on was MAUI and our goal was to reach 1,000 MAUI by the end of 2019. Unfortunately, we missed that goal and we’ve reset our 10% week-over-week growth target based on the first week of January. So far, this is how we’re doing:

Published by Danielle Morrill

General Manager of Meltano at GitLab