Meltano v1.23.0 is Now Available

Meltano version 1.23.0 is now available, with a new Explore page to allow quicker access to bundled reports and dashboards and fixes for a handful of bugs.


  • #1601 Add Explore landing pages per data source to act as an aggregate jump-off point to related dashboards, reports, report templates, and more


  • #1601 Change “Reports” CTA in each Pipeline and the JobLog modal to link to its corresponding and newly added Explore page
  • #1698 Change information architecture to separate Connections and Pipelines into distinct pages


  • #1811 Fix an issue when installing a custom plugin.
  • #1794 Remove the notification field when notifications are disabled.
  • #1815 Fix mapActions misplacement in computed vs. methods
  • #1468 Update asn1crypto to get Meltano to work on macOS Catalina