Meltano v1.28.0 is Now Available

Meltano version 1.28.0 is now available, with a bug fix and an improvement to the command line interface. Curious what else we got done last week? Check out the release post for last Thursday’s v1.27.1 (and v1.27.2, and v1.27.3), and our weekly sprint review. New #1937 Add optional plugin_type argument to meltano install to only […]

Meltano v1.27.3 is Now Available

Meltano version 1.27.3 is now available, with various UX improvements, bug fixes, and changes behind the scenes. Meltano version 1.27.1 was also released earlier today, but contained two regressions that were addressed in versions 1.27.2 and 1.27.3. New #1477 Allow read-only mode and authentication to be used at the same time, to allow anonymous read-only […]

Meltano v1.27.0 is Now Available

Meltano version 1.27.0 is now available, with various bug fixes and set up flow improvements. Changes #1909 Suggest disabling ad blocker if request related to an Ads or Analytics extractor was blocked by browser #1886 Don’t prepopulate date fields that are not required and are better left blank #1887 Hide End Date fields in connection […]

Meltano v1.26.1 and v1.26.2 are Now Available

Meltano version 1.26.1 is now available, with a more focused and less broad set of supported data sources on hosted instances, and improved support for date range filters on embedded reports and dashboards. Meltano version 1.26.2 fixes a regression introduced in v1.26.1. Changes #1854 Remove non-marketing-sales data sources from UI #1881 Store in system database […]

Meet the team: Douwe

As you’re getting to know Meltano, and as we are getting to know you and your company’s needs, we thought it would be appropriate for you to also get to know our team a little bit better! And for the moment, that team is me: Douwe Maan. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, […]

Meltano v1.26.0 is Now Available

Meltano version 1.26.0 is now available, with various improvements and bug fixes. If your Meltano instance is hosted on, it will have been upgraded automatically. For instructions on upgrading a self-hosted installation, check out the documentation. Changes #1188 Allow sorting by timeframe period columns (e.g. “Creation Date: Month”, “Creation Date: Year”) #1873 Display error […]