Meltano v1.22.2 is Now Available

Versions 1.22.0, 1.22.1, and 1.22.2 release a number of new features and bug fixes. New #1646 Add default Stripe dashboard #1759 Add default reports and dashboard for Google Ads data #1775 Add default dashboard for GitLab extractor #1714 Add support for a required setting in Models so Analyze can still work with more complex reporting […]

Meltano v1.21.2 is Now Available

Meltano versions 1.21.1 and 1.21.2 are now available, addressing some issues with the UI and adding information about sharing Dashboards to the Getting Started guide. New #1740 Add “Sharing Reports and Dashboards” section to Getting Started guide Changes #1740 Update Getting Started guide screenshots with up-to-date UI Fixes #1754 Fix duplicate “Share” button and Reports […]

Meltano v1.20.0 is Now Available

While small, Meltano v1.20.0 simplifies scheduling repeating pipelines with easier-to-read labels, and also fixes a few bugs with multiple pipelines. New #1682 Use human-readable update interval labels Changes #1514 Remove DBT docs integration #1679 Prevent the hidden settings from being sent to the front-end, potentially causing configuration failure Fixes #1675 Fix future grant diffing for […]

Meltano v1.19.2 is Now Available

We’re thrilled to announce that the ability to embed reports in other webpages is now available in Meltano! The entire team is excited about this new functionality, and this first version is the beginning of an exciting path forward for sharing and embedding Meltano reports anywhere. Embedding a report anywhere an iframe can render is […]

Meltano v1.18.0 is Now Available

New #1154 Adds non-dry mode to meltano permissions on Snowflake so that queries can be executed #1578 User can request help to delete their data from their MeltanoData instance Changes #1516 Pipelines now show extractor label rather than name #1652 Removes the –full-refresh command from meltano permissions Fixes #1595 Updates meltano permissions to only revoke […]

Meltano v1.17.1 is Now Available

Changes #1625 Update docs on to only include extractors and loaders provided in the hosted version of Meltano. #1590 Add additional targets to dbt clean Fixes #1618 Fix an issue where an expired session would not redirect to the Login page #1630 Fix an integrations setup bug that prevented subsequent pipelines to be created […]