Demo Day Recap: 2021-04-23

The last Demo Day of April had such energy and was incredibly fun! If you missed it, the recording of the livestream is available on the Meltano YouTube channel. Taylor briefly shared some recent updates around the Community including our 1000 member milestone and enhancements of the Slack channels. He also detailed some of the […]

Office Hours Recap: 2021-04-21

In office hours this week, we had a robust discussion on “SaaS Targets“, aka “Reverse ETL”, and specifically how developers can create non-traditional Singer targets which load data to applications and systems with strict data shape constrains. For instance, Salesforce and Google Directory are two targets we discussed in some detail. To join future office […]

Office Hours Recap: 2021-04-14

In office hours this week, we discussed our vision for the upcoming SingerHub as well as well as several SDK topics such as parent-child streams. Keep scrolling for the recap, or catch up on what you missed using the recording below. Envisioning a Singer “Hub” for plugin discovery The most exciting topic for me this […]

A Simplified Take on the Singer Spec

The Meltano team is excited to share a recent update we made to our documentation of the Singer specification: we’ve created an interpretation of the spec that is easier to understand and includes sections for different audiences.  Part of our mission with Meltano is to embrace the Singer community by building tools and resources that […]

Meltano is Special: AJ Steers explains why he’s all-in on Meltano

Earlier this month, I joined the Meltano team full time with two ambitious goals: (1) redefine how organizations think about their approaches to data projects and (2) make this next-gen approach to data freely available to everyone, regardless of budget or the size of the data. From hobbyists working on pet projects, to multi-billion dollar […]