Meltano 0.16 released: new CLI commands, improved data and transforms for `tap-gitlab`, Docker image and more

New command line feature: meltano add model [your_model_name] Before this release, users had to manually copy/paste new models into a project. Meltano 0.16 provides a command line tool to specify which model(s) to load. This enables the use of multiple models on the same data set, and also supports fetching version controlled models for those […]

Meltano Patch Release: 0.15.1

Today we are releasing version 0.15.1 for Meltano. This version resolves a regression in this week’s 0.15.0 release where some users were unable to successfully run ‘meltano ui’ and then visit the Meltano UI Existing Users: Please Update Your Meltano Version Instructions for upgrading to the most current version of Meltano can be found in […]