Meltano v1.15.0 is Now Available

New #1483 Add login audit columns to track last login time #1480 Add tests to meltano permissions command for Snowflake Changes #1480 Add schema revocations for roles in the meltano permissions command #1458 Remove tap-carbon-intensity-sqlite model from default installation #1458 Update docs to reflect new getting started path and updated screenshots #1513 Remove dead code […]

Meltano v1.7.0, 1.7.1 and 1.7.2 Released

Want to try Meltano? We’re offering a hosted solution where we will set up your dashboards. Sign up to receive a free account with help from the Meltano team. New #1236 Add contextual Analyze CTAs in the Job Log UI Fixes #1298 Let default entity selection be configured in discovery.yml under select #1298 Define default […]