Demo Day Recap: 50 New Taps

It’s the last Demo Day of June, and it was jam packed with demos and updates! If you missed it, the recording of the livestream is available on the Meltano YouTube channel.

Taylor kicked off Demo Day by walking through several of the recent updates to MeltanoHub for Singer, including the addition of nearly 50 new taps.

Ken Payne from then walked us through how they deploy Meltano. This was a fantastic discussion with lots of real code examples. We’ve asked Ken to write a blog post on this, so expect to see something soon on this front.

Next we had AJ talk about the recent Meltano release as well as the updated documentation for the Meltano SDK.

Lastly, Derek Visch form AutoIDM shared some of the recent updates he’s made to his fork of tap-oracle to enable it to handle CLOB and BLOB data types. There was also a good discussion about data type hinting within connectors.

Overall, this was a fantastic Demo Day and we’re very appreciative of community members who take the time to share their work. We’re always listening to feedback and looking for ways to improve, so please contribute to any issue within the main project or chat with us on Slack if that’s more your style. Thank you to everyone who joined the livestream!

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Our next Meltano Demo Day is on Friday, July 2 and we have our next office hours session on Wednesday, June 30. We hope to see you there!


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