Meltano v1.14.3 is Now Available

Summary of Changes Since v1.14.0 Release


  • #1391 Lock all settings that are controlled through environment variables
  • #1393 Add contextual Analyze CTAs for each Pipeline in the Pipelines list
  • #1483 Add login audit columns to track last login time
  • #1480 Add tests to meltano permissions command for Snowflake


  • #1424 Update pipeline elapsed time display to be more human friendly
  • #1480 Add schema revocations for roles in the meltano permissions command


  • #1430 Fix the state not stored for pipelines when Transforms run
  • #1448 Fix AnalyzeList.vue to display message and link when lacking contextual models
  • #1520 Fix bug when updating a dashboard that could undesirably overwrite another existing dashboard
  • #1521 Sanitize user-submitted string before using it in file path
  • #1480 Fix database revocations corner case for roles in the meltano permissions command


  • #1553 Fix bug occurring when loading a report that lacks join tables

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