Meltano v1.22.2 is Now Available

Versions 1.22.0, 1.22.1, and 1.22.2 release a number of new features and bug fixes.


  • #1646 Add default Stripe dashboard
  • #1759 Add default reports and dashboard for Google Ads data
  • #1775 Add default dashboard for GitLab extractor
  • #1714 Add support for a required setting in Models so Analyze can still work with more complex reporting scenarios (Facebook and Google Adwords need this)
  • #1780 Add default reports and dashboard for Facebook Ads data
  • #1783 Add Shopify extractor as a hidden plugin
  • #1499 Add date range selector to Analyze UI (requires a type=date or type=time in each model needing this functionality)


  • #1777 Update Meltano Analyze to only preselect the first column and aggregate attributes when no attributes have a required setting
  • #1796 Update date range and filter changes to trigger autorun if enabled


  • #1798 Add OK button to toasts that couldn’t be dismissed previously, to prevent them from getting in the way of modal buttons
  • #1803 Ensure SMTP credentials can be set via environment variables
  • #1778 Fix missing pipeline date when visiting page directly from URL
  • #1809 Fix LogModal padding render issue and TypeError with proper conditional check prior to dereferencing
  • #1810 Fix an issue where Notifications would not be sent when the application used multiple workers


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