Meltano v1.26.0 is Now Available

Meltano version 1.26.0 is now available, with various improvements and bug fixes.

If your Meltano instance is hosted on, it will have been upgraded automatically. For instructions on upgrading a self-hosted installation, check out the documentation.


  • #1188 Allow sorting by timeframe period columns (e.g. “Creation Date: Month”, “Creation Date: Year”)
  • #1873 Display error message when viewing model/design/report before pipeline has run
  • #1874 Print full error when initial model compilation fails
  • #1875 Automatically run query when sorting is changed
  • #1876 Don’t store Analyze UI state in report file
  • #1877 Allow designs to reference the same table more than once
  • #1878 Recompile models when meltano is upgraded


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