Meltano Weekly Demo Day: 2019-03-22

Each week on Friday morning the Meltano team holds our own “Demo Day”, where we share the improvements we’ve made and discuss the benefits to users. Many of these improvements will be further described in our upcoming Monday release, but we also share work in progress that may need a few more sprints to be completed.

In this week’s Demo Day:

  • Jacob demos Yannis’ extensive improvements to data for tap-gitlab (#436)
  • Jacob demos MVC for `meltano start` to simplify project creation (#419, #484)
  • Ben demos discovering/adding taps and targets from the UI (#400, #419)
  • Micael demos how users can create/contribute a custom tap (#327)
  • Micael lead conversation around underlying complexity and constraints of the things we’ve chosen to integrate, the value of writing the “glue code” for our customers, and how Meltano is differentiated

Check out our milestones to see what we’re working on, and learn about what’s coming next for Meltano. If you have suggestions, please file a new issue. Input welcome!