Your CLI for ELT+

Meltano is built to supercharge your Extract & Load processes, in code.


Data pipeline extractors

We reuse open source connectors: the SDK and Singer framework allow you to not have to reinvent the wheel for each API you need to integrate with.

  • api We support 300-plus open source connectors for different sources

Data Integration and Customization

Customize Meltano to meet any challenge or toll in your stack.


Integrate Data From Multiple Sources

Meltano manages your tap and target configuration for you, making it easy to select which entities and attributes to extract. Then keeps track of the incremental replication state, so that subsequent pipeline runs with the same job ID will always pick up right where the previous run left off.


Increased Visibility

Meltano Models allow you to define your data model and interactively generate SQL so that you can easily analyze and visualize it in Meltano UI. Data governance, compliance, and visibility.


Data Quality

The growing complexity of the data landscape requires a more proactive approach to data quality than ever. Supports plugins that for best in class testing functionality dbt testing and Great expectations to ensure confidence in your data.


Error Reduction

Meltano gives you the tools to enable DataOps practices like testing, CI, and code reviews. Pipelines as code, no more testing in production or rogue pipeline updates via UI’s.



We reuse open source connectors- 300+ existing Singer connectors instead of home grown scripts. The SDK and Singer framework allow you to not have to reinvent the wheel for each API you need to integrate with.

DevOps Benefits

Collaboration and Unification of Data

Meltano as glue code so open source tools can work better together than the sum of their parts.


Actionable Insights

Use analyzer plugins (Superset/Lightdash) to quickly get from source data to insights and dashboards.



Plugin architecture allows you to choose your ideal data stack from the start or incrementally adopt new tools as you go. Never locked in, as new best in class tools come online they can be added or swapped in for your existing plugin.

Uses for Meltano

Ways to use Meltano Across your Data Stack

Data Integration

Meltano lets you easily extract and load data from and to databases, SaaS APIs, and file formats using Singer taps and targets, which take the role of your project’s extractors and loaders.

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The DataOps features that optimize your data strategy

isolates environments

Embraces Singer

300-plus connectors have been running in production for years. Meltano solves the pain points that are left: running them (Meltano), finding them (Hub), making them (SDK), sharing maintenance (MeltanoLabs).



Add new plugins incrementally. Curated list of plugins maintained to keep up with market trends and best practices.


Open Source

Extensive open source network to share the development and maintenance burden.



Ability to run it wherever is best for you. We help with data regulations (CCPA, GDPR), private corporate network restrictions.



We have a configuration/pipelines as code approach. Ability to fully automate and script for CI and testing, no untracked UI clicks.



Code is open source so there’s no black boxes, you can always open up the code and see what’s happening. We also have an environments feature for easy local development and debugging.