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Your Resource for Building Reliable Data Pipelines

Turn your chosen data tools into an end-to-end platform.

Open Source Tools and DataOps Best Practices Bundled to Challenge the Pay-to-play Status Quo


Extract Data From Any SaaS Tool or Database

EL is at our core. We currently use the Singer framework to enable reliable data replication, with features such as schema validation, incremental syncs, and an ecosystem with hundreds of connectors that are growing every day.


Load Extracted Data Into Arbitrary Destinations

Built-in data replication capabilities do 99 percent of the work. With the growth, popularity, and maturity of frameworks and specifications such as Singer orchestrated by Meltano, most of the replication step is effectively commoditized.


Leverage dbt For Data Transformation

dbt is the recent data transformations standard in SQL, so we provide support for dbt as a plugin, allowing for better communication between EL and T while also making it increasingly easy to get started.

Data Extraction in a Local Environment

A DataOps platform that can be installed locally on your system, on the command line or in the browser.


Sensitive Data Should Never Leave Your System

Meltano can be self hosted so that you never send sensitive data through offsite vendor platforms. Filtering, selecting, and anonymization features help you avoid bringing sensitive data in the first place.


Remove the High Cost of Data Maintenance

Meltano offers 300-plus connectors created by the open source community, with lots of plugins that are best in class and maintained by the community.


Make ELT Platforms Easily Accessible to Everyone

Tap into huge communities that are maintaining and making your pipelines better every day. Meltano will always be free open source.


Reliable Data Solutions for Every Step of the ELT Pipeline

You gain a comprehensive list of supported plugins for your whole data stack, from EL to dashboards and beyond—allowing you to use battle-tested open source tools easily.

Improved quality for DataOps Platform Infrastructure

Adoption of DataOps Principles and Distributed Data Mesh

Meltano is built with DataOps in mind. With everything as code for code review and CI, isolated environments are easy and support pipeline and data testing.

Analytics for DataOps Platform Infrastructure

Build Data Pipelines in a Modular Way

Plugins can be added, upgraded, and swapped anytime, making it easy for you to always stay up to date with the latest tools.