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We build tools that empower data engineers

We love data, software development best practices, and dragons! If that sounds up your alley, read on.
Data Transformation with Meltano
Mission and Vision

Meltano’s Mission and Vision

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Our mission is to enable everyone to realize the full potential of their data

When we say “everyone”, we mean it—from massive enterprises to small startups to individuals. We’re referring to those who may one day pay us as well as those who will likely never be able to. We’re including solo founders, one-person IT or dev teams, curious hobbyists, and multidisciplinary data teams as well as weathered data profession veterans.


Our vision is for Meltano to become the foundation of every team’s ideal data stack

We are building an open source DataOps infrastructure that will bring the benefits of software development best practices such as DevOps and open source to the entire data lifecycle.

our Timeline

From In-house Data Team to End-To-end Data Platform Infrastructure


Meltano is Founded

Meltano starts out as an open source tool built for GitLab’s data and analytics team.


Meltano Focuses on Open Source Data Integration (ELT)

In 2020, the project began strategically using ELT as an entry point to the data stack.


Meltano Becomes an Independent Startup

After three years of being a GitLab incubator project, Meltano spins out of GitLab and raises a seed funding round to become an independent startup.


Meltano Shares DataOps Platform Vision

Meltano raises additional funding on its vision to build end-to-end DataOps Infrastructure for the modern data stack.

core values

Meltano’s Core Values

Meltano’s core values are: Believe in Better, Progress Over Perfection, Together We Thrive, and Kindness is Key.

Believe in Better

We have high aspirations and the drive to exceed them. We believe in impossible feats and imagine a better future. We’re determined to realize our goals and achieve strong results in everything we aim to accomplish.

Automation for DataOps Platform Infrastructure

Progress Over Perfection

We work in small iterations so we can be efficient, add value quickly, and get feedback from the community. We have a bias toward action and continually improve our products and processes.


Together We Thrive

We recognize we are better as a collective, built-in the open and collaboratively. Diverse people, views, and approaches make the team and product better. We continually work to build a more diverse and inclusive community by hiring globally and creating a culture that supports team members everywhere.


Kindness is Key

We work with empathy, recognizing we’re not alone in this journey. We bring kindness, humility, trust, honesty, and an assumption of good faith to all of our interactions.

our Team

Meet the Team

Meltano is built by an all-remote team and a community of contributors.
  • AJ Steers

    Seattle, WA, USA 🇺🇸
    CTO & interim Engineering Manager / Founding Team
  • Cody Hanson

    Chicago, IL, USA 🇺🇸
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Douwe Maan

    Mexico City, Mexico 🇲🇽
    Founder & CEO
  • Edgar Ramírez Mondragón

    Mexico City, Mexico 🇲🇽
    Senior Backend Engineer
  • Ken Payne

    London, UK 🇬🇧
    Backend Engineer
  • Melissa Greenbaum

    Lexington, SC, USA 🇺🇸
    Staff Platform and Reliability Engineer
  • Nichole Garrett

    Los Angeles, CA, USA 🇺🇸
    Senior Talent Partner
  • Pat Nadolny

    Brooklyn, NY, USA 🇺🇸
    Senior Data Engineer
  • REB – Richard E. Baum

    Austin, TX, USA 🇺🇸
    Head of Operations
  • Seth Turner

    Lexington, KY, USA 🇺🇸
    Senior Engineering Manager
  • Sven - DataOps Evangelist

    Sven Balnojan, PhD

    Leipzig, Saxony, Germany 🇩🇪
    Senior DataOps Evangelist
  • Taylor A Murphy, PhD

    Arlington, TX, USA 🇺🇸
    Head of Product & Data / Founding Team
  • Wil Chow

    De Pere, WI, USA 🇺🇸
    Senior Frontend Engineer
  • Will Da Silva

    Ottawa, ON, Canada 🇨🇦
    Senior Software Engineer


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