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Meltano gives data engineers
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of their pipelines

No more black box. Let your creativity flow.

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Your data, where you want it
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We've got 100% of your data sources & destinations covered:
Databases, SaaS APIs, raw files, and anything niche or internal


Manage all your pipelines in one place
  • Custom connectors for niche or internal sources, built with our Meltano SDK
  • Custom forks of existing connectors with your own modifications
  • Your Python scripts and data tools like dbt
meltano add extractor tap-postgres
meltano add loader target-snowflake
cookiecutter https://github.com/meltano/sdk \
# source_name: my-api
meltano add --custom extractor tap-my-api
meltano add utility dbt-snowflake
meltano add --custom utility my-script.py
meltano run tap-postgres target-snowflake dbt-snowflake
meltano run tap-my-api target-snowflake my-script.py


Know exactly what's going on
  • Get the full view with detailed pipeline logs
  • Inspect the source code of any connector, modify them to your liking, or debug and fix an issue faster than any support agent
  • Centrally manage your configuration so anyone can suggest changes
export MELTANO_LOG_LEVEL=debug
meltano run tap-github target-duckdb
cat .meltano/logs/elt/github-to-duckdb-hourly/*/*.log
git clone https://github.com/MeltanoLabs/tap-github.git
git clone https://github.com/jwills/target-duckdb.git
meltano add --custom extractor tap-github-fork
# pip_url: https://github.com/my-org/tap-github.git
meltano run tap-github-fork target-duckdb


Increase productivity and collaboration
  • Store your pipelines and their configuration in Git and know exactly what is live at any time
  • Roll back to the last known-good configuration if a change accidentally broke something
  • Propose changes with confidence and get feedback from your team in pull requests
- name: tap-postgres
host: pg.example.com
user: admin
password: $PG_PASSWORD
- users.*
- name: target-snowflake
- name: app-to-dw
interval: @hourly
extractor: tap-postgres
loader: target-snowflake


Make changes with confidence
  • Safely experiment with new pipelines, connectors, and configuration changes on your local machine
  • Manually verify the impact of any changes in isolated feature-branch and staging environments
  • Automatically test your pipelines in CI, and only deploy to production once everything is green
git clone https://github.com/my-org/my-meltano-project.git
git checkout -b update-postgres
meltano config tap-postgres set host new-host.example
meltano select tap-postgres new-table "*"
meltano run tap-postgres target-snowflake
git commit -am "Update postgres host and table"
git push origin
gh pr create


Integrate deeply with your product
  • Let your users directly connect data sources and manage pipelines from your application code
  • Define pipeline templates and dynamically instantiate them based on API credentials in your database
  • Configure connectors at runtime using environment variables or a dynamically generated config file
- name: tap-shopify
- name: tap-postgres--shopify-configs
inherit_from: tap-postgres
- shopify_configs.*
- name: target-snowflake
- name: sync-all-shopify
interval: @hourly
tap-shopify: tap-postgres--shopify-configs
extractor: tap-shopify
loader: target-snowflake

One tool for all your
data movement needs

No more point-and-click-and-cross-your-fingers.
Build data pipelines that fit exactly to your needs

Databases and warehouses

Databases and warehouses

Painlessly move data in and out of any database or warehouse: fast imports of large batches plus key-based and log-based (CDC) incremental replication with automatic schema migration. Ensure data security using in-flight filtering and hashing of PII.

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Internal and niche APIs

Internal and niche APIs

Quickly build a connector for any API using the Meltano SDK: built-in error and rate limit handling plus zero-effort incremental replication. Develop, test, and iterate locally and in staging, and debug using detailed pipeline logs and alerting.

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Files and spreadsheets

Files and spreadsheets

Extract data from any common or custom file format, stored in S3, (S)FTP, URLs, or cloud drives – with automatic schema migration. Ensure data security using in-flight filtering and hashing of PII, and debug using detailed pipeline logs and alerting.

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SaaS apps and APIs

SaaS apps and APIs

Choose from the largest connector library of any EL tool, and modify or fix connector behavior without waiting for support. Ensure data security using in-flight filtering and hashing of PII, and debug using detailed pipeline logs and alerting.

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