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Open source data dashboarding

Meltano is a free alternative to expensive SaaS tools. We provide an integrated workflow for modeling, extracting, loading, transforming, analyzing, notebooking, and orchestrating your data.

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Analyze your data with dynamically generated SQL queries

Meltano makes it easy for you to analyze your data with a user interface that allows you to generate SQL with a few clicks so you can get the insights you need.

A single workflow for the entire data life cycle.

Meltano leverages best practices from software development such as version control, continuous integration and deployment, and a powerful command line interface so you can focus on your data.

Stage: Model Extract Load Transform Analyze Notebook Orchestrate
Meltano uses: Meltano Model Singer Taps Singer Targets dbt Meltano UI Jupyter Notebooks Apache Airflow
Meltano can be an alternative to:

Plugins to Extract & Load Data

Meltano works with a growing number of data sources and reporting database formats.

GitLab Logo Stripe Logo CSV Logo Salesforce Logo SQLite Logo Zendesk Logo Marketo Logo National Grid ESO Fastly Logo MongoDB Logo Snowflake Logo Google Analytics Logo

For more information, check out our plugins documentation

What People Are Saying

“The Meltano project out of GitLab is stitching together fragmented open-source data analytics projects into a single end-to-end platform. Meltano describes itself as ‘an open source convention-over-configuration product for the whole data lifecycle, all the way from loading data to analyzing it.’ Based on the success that GitLab has had with other projects, we predict that Meltano could eventually give the big, proprietary platforms a run for their money.” -- Hashpath Consulting

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