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We’ve got 100% of your data sources & destinations covered: Databases, SaaS apps, raw files, and anything niche or internal

Meltano provides data engineers with a streamlined workflow that boosts productivity

Easily create and manage pipelines as code. Modify connectors to your liking or create your own. Test your changes before they go live, and view full pipeline logs and quickly roll back if something goes wrong.


Manage all your pipelines in one place
  • Custom connectors for niche or internal sources, built with our Meltano SDK
  • Custom forks of existing connectors with your own modifications
  • Your Python scripts and data tools like dbt and Great Expectations

meltano add extractor tap-postgres
meltano add loader target-snowflake

cookiecutter https://github.com/meltano/sdk \
# source_name: my-api
meltano add –custom extractor tap-my-api

meltano add utility dbt-snowflake
meltano add –custom utility my-script.py

meltano run tap-postgres target-snowflake dbt-snowflake
meltano run tap-my-api target-snowflake my-script.py


export MELTANO_LOG_LEVEL=debug

meltano run tap-github target-duckdb

cat .meltano/logs/elt/github-to-duckdb-hourly/*/*.log

git clone https://github.com/MeltanoLabs/tap-github.git
git clone https://github.com/jwills/target-duckdb.git

meltano add –custom extractor tap-github-fork
# pip_url: https://github.com/my-org/tap-github.git
meltano run tap-github-fork target-duckdb


Know exactly what’s going on
  • Get the full view with detailed pipeline logs
  • Inspect the source code of any connector, modify them to your liking, or debug and fix an issue faster than any support agent
  • Centrally manage your configuration so anyone can suggest changes
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Increase productivity and collaboration
  • Store your pipelines and their configuration in Git and know exactly what is live at any time
  • Roll back to the last known-good configuration if a change accidentally broke something
  • Propose changes with confidence and get feedback from your team in pull requests
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name tap-postgres
host pg.example.com
user admin
password $PG_PASSWORD
name: target-snowflake
name app-to-dw
interval @hourly
extractor tap-postgres
loader target-snowflake


git clone https://github.com/my-org/my-meltano-project.git
git checkout -b update-postgres

meltano config tap-postgres set host new-host.example
meltano select tap-postgres new-table “*”
meltano run tap-postgres target-snowflake

git commit -am “Update postgres host and table”
git push origin
gh pr create


Make changes with confidence
  • Safely experiment with new pipelines, connectors, and configuration changes on your local machine
  • Manually verify the impact of any changes in isolated feature-branch and staging environments
  • Automatically test your pipelines in CI, and only deploy to production once everything is green
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One tool for all your data movement needs

No more point-and-click-and-cross-your-fingers.
Build data pipelines that fit exactly to your needs

Databases and warehouses

Painlessly move data in and out of any database or warehouse: fast imports of large batches plus key-based and log-based (CDC) incremental replication with automatic schema migration. Ensure data security using in-flight filtering and hashing of PII.

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Internal and niche APIs

Quickly build a connector for any API using the Meltano SDK: built-in error and rate limit handling plus zero-effort incremental replication. Develop, test, and iterate locally and in staging, and debug using detailed pipeline logs and alerting.

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Files and spreadsheets

Extract data from any common or custom file format, stored in S3, (S)FTP, URLs, or cloud drives – with automatic schema migration. Ensure data security using in-flight filtering and hashing of PII, and debug using detailed pipeline logs and alerting.

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SaaS apps and APIs

Choose from the largest connector library of any EL tool, and modify or fix connector behavior without waiting for support. Ensure data security using in-flight filtering and hashing of PII, and debug using detailed pipeline logs and alerting.

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Meltano trusted by thousands

“For us it’s a better day at work when we can use Meltano.”

Nino Müller, Head of Technology at Substring

“I love Meltano because it’s so pleasant to use with its DevOps and Everything-as-Code style. It is easy to set up, flexible, and integrates with pretty much any orchestrator as well as dbt.”

Martin Morset

“I love the Meltano Singer SDK, how easy it is to customize. To solve the data movement problem, you need to have a great connector strategy, and Meltano is the best connector strategy out there. It’s really fast and nimble, and much easier to write a connector strategy in Python using the Meltano framework than in anything else.”

Andrew Hansen, co-founder & CIO at Collagia

“Meltano Has Improved Our Cycle Time Greatly By Reducing The Time To Develop And Deploy.”

Maarten van Gijssel, Senior Software Engineer at HackerOne

“Meltano Rocks

Oliver Laslett, Co-founder and CTO at Lightdash

“I’ve Started Playing Around With Meltano And It Is Just Incredible!”

Jacob Matson, VP of Finance & Operations at Simetric

“Personally, once I introduced Meltano into my pipeline, I felt like the whole world of data was open, eagerly awaiting me to design new analytics use cases and allowing me to easily get the pertinent data into the stack.”

Jan Soubusta, Distinguished Software Engineer at GoodData

“Honestly, I absolutely adore Meltano so far. In two focused days with Meltano I basically reproduced what had taken us months to do in-house previously.“

Matt Menzenski, Senior Software Engineering Manager at PayIt

“Compared to other EL tools, I like Meltano’s software development approach: the level of control you have over the pipeline and the possibility of implementing GitOps to it.“

Jose Escudero, Senior Data Engineer at ShakePay

“Data integration in a single code base allowing us to automatically test before anything hits production is :chef-kiss:, our clients are blown away!”

Derek Visch, Founder at AutoIDM

“As a data engineering newbie I had little clue how to start capturing tabular data into a form which could be sustainable. Meltano’s taps and targets ecosystem allowed us to pivot so easily and confidently into new technologies that we successfully began as a data warehouse project and graduated to parquet on S3 in little to no time. I cannot thank the friendly community enough for their advice not just on Meltano but the data ecosystem at large. “

Erik Peterson at En Ser.io

“The time-to-value with Meltano is unbelievable! I can’t even count how many “tough” ELT problems I’ve had to solve with diverse Meltano features. Almost without fail, I’ve solved each one of them in minutes. I’ve even created brand new connectors in just a few hours rather than days. It just works! And the community is easily the most quick and friendly developer community I’ve interacted with.”

Josh Lloyd, Senior Data Engineer at Acquia

“I *really* like the vision of the Meltano product and the open culture you have built around it. It has encouraged me to contribute and I’m hoping to make many more contributions in the future.”

Hinnerk Gnutzmann, Founder & CEO at Flexponsive

“I don’t build data pipelines anymore, I just drop a few lines in my meltano.yml. It’s awesome. The team is incredibly responsive and the community is super friendly. Meltano’s been rock-solid since pre-1.0 and they’ve been building incredibly fast. Get on board! I’ve been moving >1TB/day with Meltano for over a year now at a negligible cost; the next best alternative would’ve cost over a million or at least one FTE data engineer. It saves us at least $1M/yr and makes my job easy.”

Quinn Batten, Senior Analytics Engineer

“Meltano is a beautifully crafted masterpiece that is intuitive to use and as easy to manage as my buzz cut. If you do get stuck, the friendly and talented Meltano Community members are always there to get you moving toward your data goals again, and Melty is the cutest dragon mascot that looks cool plastered on all your stuff.”

Dan Norman, Data Warehouse Architect at Primary Care Partners

“Meltano delivers on the promise of quality open-source data connectivity: it greatly simplified our path to acquiring data and the support of the community was never far away if we needed it. We partnered with Meltano to deliver an end-to-end analytics solution; our customers have been the real winners with robust, open source technology at our core.”

Aaron Phethean, Founder & CEO at Matatika

“Meltano’s SDK and community support has given us back hours in creating and maintaining custom connectors for various platforms. Meanwhile, the CLI based approach has allowed our analytics engineers to rapidly scale our data pipelines whilst maintaining security and robustness.”

Gary James, Senior Analytics Engineer at Beauty Pie

“​​As a small team of application developers rather than data engineers, Meltano offers us a flexible and powerful platform to build data pipelines on and a supportive team and wider community that guides us on tools and best practices. But most importantly it allows us to run our data team like a product team, including all the benefits that come from that (version control, automated testing, shift-left, etc.). Most of our EL jobs are plug-and-play, and the custom ones are straightforward to implement and easy to maintain. Meltano has taken our turnaround time for new reports from weeks to minutes.”

Julian Knight, Founder & CTO at FIXD

“Meltano makes it easy to pull data from nearly any data source. The Singer SDK allows me to quickly build new taps for any platform I’m working with.”

Stephen Sciortino, Data Engineer at Brooklyn Data Co.

“Incredible tool – whether you need to sync 500 or 5 000 000 rows, Meltano will perform the task with ease. If the plugin you need is not already offered in the Meltano Hub, create your own in a matter of hours using the intuitive Meltano SDK.”

Stéphane Burwash, Lead DataOps at Potloc

“Meltano removes the complexity of creating, maintaining, and running data pipelines. With so many taps and targets pre-built, it feels like plug’n’play. Creating custom taps and targets is super easy with the Meltano SDK. All the managerial tasks are handled under the hood, leaving you to focus on getting or consuming the data you need.”

Andy Crowe, Senior Data Engineer, Subsplash

“With Meltano, we are finally in control of our data integrations. Other ELT solutions are opaque and rigid. Meltano is made for the real world.”

Edward Ryan, Managing Partner at Ryan-Miranda Partners

“Meltano’s “pipelines as code” approach allows us to deploy our data pipeline to all of our isolated deployment environments, ensuring data security and sovereignty for our government clients and major healthcare providers. Meltano also allows us to do minor transformations on the data during data ingestion to prevent unnecessary PII and ePHI being stored in our data warehouses.”

Dylan Just, Tech Lead at Coviu

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