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Your CLI for ELT+

Open source, flexible, scales to your needs. Confidently move, transform, and test your data using tools you know with a data engineering workflow you’ll love.

Data Ingestion, Transformation, and Management for Data Engineers


Largest Connector Library

Ever-growing library of 400+ connectors and data tools that can be up and running in minutes.


Your Data, Your Choices

Complete control over how data is pulled from your sources, lands in your warehouse, and is transformed after or on-the-fly.


Best Dev Experience with SDK

Use dozens of connectors built by a thriving community or use Meltano’s Singer SDK to easily build your own for niche or internal sources and destinations.


DataOps Out of the Box

Software engineering best-practices built in: pipelines are code, configuration is version-controlled, and changes only go live after manual and automatic validation.

Our Users

1,000+ Organizations
using Meltano to take control of their data pipelines

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From Zero to ELT in 90 Seconds

Open source data integration has never been easier or faster. With Meltano, you can extract data from GitHub and load it into PostgreSQL (or Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, etc.) in just 90 seconds from initializing a new Meltano project to viewing the loaded data in the destination database.


We have a tap for that!

Visit Meltano Hub for our extensive custom connector library
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1500000 + Pipelines run monthly
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Meltano Tools and Features


Your Meltano Project

Define your entire project as code and collaborate confidently with your team.


Integration Just a Few Clicks Away

The Meltano CLI enables you to rapidly create your project, making it easy to start replicating data.


Transformation as a First-class Citizen

Meltano is designed to be the best way to run dbt to manage your transformations.


Orchestration Made Simpler

All it takes is a few keystrokes to get started with Airflow and run you data workloads.


Containerized and Ready for Deployment

Your entire data stack is defined in your project, making it simple to deploy it to production.


A UI for Management and Monitoring

Less comfortable with the command line? Use the built-in UI to get your data stack up and running.


Easily Add Tools to Complete Your Data Platform

Ensure data quality with Great Expectations, or let Meltano install, configure, and manage Superset for analysis and BI.


A Complete Toolset to Manage Singer

You get everything you need to manage your Singer, from incremental replication state through configuration.

isolates environments

Experiment Freely in Isolated Environments

Validate your changes in development before moving to CI, and in staging before moving to production.

Industry Insights

Find How Meltano Performs for Teams Like Yours


From DIY to DI “Wow!” How HackerOne Transformed DataOps with Meltano

Do a Meltano POC!  “We discovered, ‘Hey, we don’t have to write all of this stuff on our own!’ We all know that the best code is code you don’t have to write yourself. It was such a great experience! Replace one of your existing pipelines with Meltano and see for yourself that it works.”
User Story- Origins

Meltano User Story: The GitLab and Meltano Origin Journey

Our data pipeline is essentially a self-driving car. We have a data pipeline that *does not fail*. We chose Meltano for the same reason people choose a Mac, because we know it will ‘just work.’ Meltano has saved us a tremendous amount of time.”

Meltano is Trusted by Thousands


“Meltano has improved our cycle time greatly by reducing the time to develop and deploy.”

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Maarten van Gijssel
Senior Software Engineer at HackerOne
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“Meltano rocks

Learn More
Oliver Laslett
Co-founder and CTO at Lightdash
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I’ve started playing around with Meltano and it is just incredible!

Learn More
Jacob Matson
VP of Finance & Operations at Simetric