Your startup sales funnel,

A single set of dashboards and reports for the entire journey
from ad impression to website visitor to successful sale.

Connect your data sources and let Meltano help you figure out
what works, what doesn’t, what to scale up, and what to ramp down.

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By bringing together data from all relevant sources,
Meltano unlocks high level insights you couldn't get from any individual service.

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If Meltano does not yet integrate with your favorite marketing or sales data source, please let us know!

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From data to dashboard in minutes

Meltano comes out of the box with a curated set of reports and dashboards for each data source, to get you from setup to insights in no time.

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Screenshot of Facebook Ads Dashboard
Screenshot of Google Ads Dashboard
Screenshot of Google Analytics Dashboard
Screenshot of Stripe Dashboard

If the report you're looking for is not yet included with Meltano by default,
you can build it yourself using the report builder or let us know and we'll build it for you!

Screenshot of Overview dashboard

A dashboard for every occasion

Select your favorite default reports or use the report builder to create your own, and add them to a new dashboard to use as your homepage, share with your team, or track a specific project.

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Share with your team and stakeholders

Once you've set up your perfect dashboard, you can easily share it with anyone you like by generating a read-only link, or embedding it (or any of its reports) right into your website, internal handbook, or a blog post:

Screenshot of Report Builder

Your metrics, your reports

Use the point-and-click report builder to dig deeper into your data and create custom reports for the metrics you care about most.

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If the report you're looking for cannot easily be created using the report builder, please let us know and we'll build it for you!

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