The Future is an Open Source Data Stack

There is a lot of focus lately on the Modern Data Stack, and rightfully so. Data teams and professionals are recognizing the need for better tooling and many companies are rising to the challenge. While many companies are seeing success, we’re bullish on the power of the Open Source Data Stack to enable even better outcomes for more data professionals around the world.

Software engineers have used open source technologies to rapidly accelerate the implementation of DevOps best practices. The ethos and community of open source means that a large community of engineers can work together for the betterment of everyone. Data professionals are just starting to see and understand the power of open source as well.

At the Open Source Data Stack conference (Sept 28-30), a fantastic group of people are highlighting how modern open source tools can provide better outcomes for data teams. For the purposes of the conference, we focused on the Extract and Load capabilities of Meltano.

Preview of our talk

In our talk, we’ll highlight three key attributes that any extract and load tool must have. Winning EL solutions include: open source, standards-based, and a DataOps-first philosophy. We will dive into how these attributes will unlock the next evolution of the Modern Data Stack. This modern data stack will enable the global community of data professionals to collaborate together with confidence. In particular, we’ll highlight how a standards-based approach for data movement is the only long-term viable solution. Lastly, we will review how Singer is the winning protocol and community.

Register today for the Open Stack Data Conference to hear more about Meltano and the other great tools represented: Snowplow, Dagster, Grouparoo, Superset, and dbt. This inaugural virtual conference validates that the future of Open Source in the Modern Data Stack couldn’t be brighter.


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