A Simplified Take on the Singer Spec

The Meltano team is excited to share a recent update we made to our documentation of the Singer specification: we’ve created an interpretation of the spec that is easier to understand and includes sections for different audiences. 

Part of our mission with Meltano is to embrace the Singer community by building tools and resources that lift-up the entire ecosystem. Our launch of the Tap SDK on Monday is one example of that effort. 

Our Singer Spec interpretation is the next example. One of the challenges we saw for new people to the Singer ecosystem is that it can be difficult to “grok” everything that’s going on with the spec as it’s written on on the singer-io GitHub group. We identified this as one of the challenges slowing down the community and took it upon ourselves to write a version that is more focused on the core of the spec and is free of heavily-intertwined, vendor-specific information.

To be clear, we have no intention of replacing the Singer spec. This interpretation is meant to consolidate some of aspects of the spec that were spread across multiple pages and bring them together into a single resource for ease of use. 

Our intention going forward is to move this out of the Meltano website and onto the SingerHub, once it’s launched, so that it’s even clearer that the spec isn’t tied to any specific company or project. 

We hope you find it valuable! If you have any suggestions please submit an issue or merge request, or join us on Slack to chat more about Singer, Meltano, and open source data integration.

Special thank you Derek Visch and Charles Julian Knight who contributed feedback to an early draft of the document.


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