# Partners

This page lists consultancies that can help you take Meltano and Singer into production, data products that use Meltano to offer built-in data integration, and connector maintainers.

# Consultancies

Meltano and Singer are popular with data consultants, and various consultancies have adopted both as part of the stack they offer to clients.

If you lack the time and/or expertise to do so yourself, they can help you set up your pipelines, deploy them to production, improve existing Singer taps and targets to fit your use case, and build new ones for any taps and targets that are not supported yet.

Consultancy Locations
AMEND United States: Cincinnati, OH
ANELEN United States: Mountain View, CA
Applied Labs United States: New York; Russia: Moscow; United Kingdom: London; Uzbekistan: Tashkent
Auto IDM United States: Michigan
b.telligent Germany: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover
Brooklyn Data Co. United States, South America, Europe, Africa
Bytecode IO United States: Walnut Creek, CA
Commencis Turkey: Istanbul; United Kingdom: London
Datateer United States: Denver, CO
Mashey United States: Denver, CO
Mighty Digital Ukraine: Kyiv
Ryan-Miranda United States: Pasadena, CA; Boston, MA
Scalefree Germany: Hanover
Slalom United States: various; Canada: Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver; United Kingdom: London, Manchester; Australia: Melbourne, Sydney; Japan: Tokyo
Substring Switzerland: Ittigen
Wheelhouse United States: Seattle, WA; Richmond, VA

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# Data products

Meltano is a great fit for data products that want to let their users directly connect their own sources to the platform, since connectors for many taps and targets are already available, new connectors can be created easily, and connectors and pipelines can be configured programmatically.

These are some of the tools powered by Meltano:

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# Connector maintainers

Any Singer tap or target can be used with Meltano as a custom plugin, and many of them are supported out of the box as extractors and loaders.

The full list of connector maintainers can be found on MeltanoHub.