# Implementation Partners

Meltano and Singer are popular with data consultants, and various consulting firms have adopted both as part of the stack they offer to clients.

If you lack the time and/or expertise to do so yourself, they can help you set up your pipelines, deploy them to production, improve existing Singer taps and targets to fit your use case, and build new ones for any sources and destinations that are not supported yet.

More active contributors to Meltano and related open source projects are listed first:

Consulting Firm Locations Contributions
Slalom United States: various; Canada: Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver; United Kingdom: London, Manchester; Australia: Melbourne, Sydney; Japan: Tokyo 10+
Applied Labs United States: New York; Russia: Moscow; United Kingdom: London; Uzbekistan: Tashkent 5+ (1, 2)
b.telligent Germany: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover
Commencis Turkey: Istanbul; United Kingdom: London
Datateer United States: Denver, CO
Mashey United States: Denver, CO
Wheelhouse United States: Seattle, WA; Richmond, VA

Don't see your consulting firm listed here?

If you have experience with Meltano and Singer, you can add your company to this page by viewing the source using the link below, and submitting a change using a merge request.