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Build With Us!

Learn more about Meltano, get answers to questions, and contribute to the Meltano project.

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Join 2,900+ data professionals on the Meltano Slack Workspace. Get answers to Meltano questions, get sneak peaks of features, or just say hello!


Contribute to Meltano

Browse our issue tracker to add your ideas to the roadmap or contribute to Meltano or its connectors and other plugins.

Community Events

Community Events


Office Hours

We host Office Hours every Wednesday. These sessions are great to join if you have questions about Meltano or want to help us build new features.


Demo Day

Demo Days are occasionally hosted on the last Thursday of the month. Join these to see what we’ve been building as well as demos from around the community!



We encourage folks to build with us and offer quarterly events to enable everyone to contribute. Everyone who builds something and demos it will receive fabulous Meltano prizes!

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Meltano has adopted the PSF Code of Conduct for its projects and community spaces. Everyone interacting in Slack, codebases, issue trackers, mailing lists, events, or other Meltano activities is expected to follow this code of conduct. If you are unable to abide by the code of conduct set forth here, we encourage you not to participate in the community. If you see a violation please notify us by messaging a Meltano team member on Slack.