What Can Meltano Do for Your Data?

From Chaotic to Cohesive DataOps with Meltano
Meltano Benefits

The Benefits of Meltano

Meltano resolves the fragility and complexity of the modern data stack by giving you one place to manage every aspect of your data platform and collaboratively improve it like a software project.


Stable and Reliable

Iterate on your data platform with confidence by leveraging software development best practices. Version control your pipelines, configurations, and assets in Git. Learn whether a change in one tool broke another before going live with automatic end-to-end testing in CI. Manually verify the impact of any changes in isolated staging and development environments.



A generic plugin architecture and abstractions around installation, configuration, integration, and deployment allow you to build your ideal data platform out of your chosen data tools and technologies while offering a streamlined, cohesive experience.

DevOps Benefits


As platforms and organizations grow, the requirements for data tools change and your data platform should be able to evolve and scale with ease. Meltano plugins can easily be added or replaced so that you can find and use the right tool for the job and unlock new capabilities without ever being locked into past decisions.



Bring your whole team together in one project that defines every aspect of your data platform. People across disciplines can easily see what others are up to and suggest changes in areas they otherwise would never have seen or would have been afraid to touch, knowing that checks are in place to prevent accidental breakage.

Uses for Meltano

Meltano Works Across Your Entire Data Stack

With Meltano, you can spin up a service or tool (Singer, dbt, Airflow, Great Expectations, Superset, etc) and easily configure, deploy, and manage it through a single control plane.

Data Replication

Meltano lets you easily extract and load data from and to databases, SaaS APIs, and file formats using Singer taps and targets, which take the role of your project’s extractors and loaders.

Not Seeing Your Favorite Tool?

Meltano makes it easy to build your own plugin by adding any Python-based or containerized plugins to your project so you can keep all of your data platform configuration in a single repository.

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DataOps Features to Level Up Your Stack

isolates environments

Package Management

Package management for all your data stack tools, with all installation differences abstracted away. Discover tools on MeltanoHub, add them with a simple command, and introduce arbitrary Python tools into your project as utilities.


Centralized Configuration Management

Configure all your tools with the same commands and set different values in development, staging, and production environments. Manage sensitive values through environment variables, and version control all others in your Git repository.


Isolated Environments

Run representative copies of your entire data platform in different isolated environments so you can experiment freely and validate your changes in development before moving to CI, and in staging before promoting to production.


Complete Toolset for Singer

Everything you need to manage your Singer incremental replication state, table/column selection catalogs, and configuration. Manage multiple instances of the same extractor or loader with configuration inheritance and overrides.


Composable Workflows

Composable cross-plugin scheduled pipelines allow you to run different plugins together on the orchestrator of your choice. Easily run dbt and Great Expectations along with Singer taps and targets with automatic warehouse connection configuration.

DevOps Benefits

DevOps Built In

All of your tools live together in a single repository. Changes across components can be reviewed in one pull request. End-to-end testing in CI with `meltano test`. Containerize your entire data platform into one Docker image. Automate deployment to different environments with CI/CD.

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