Building Meltano in Public: Bimonthly Recap

Last week, it was once again our turn to host a GitLab Group Conversation (a publicly live streamed Q&A on the GitLab Unfiltered YouTube channel) on Meltano!

We used the opportunity to share a recap of:

If you’re curious, check out the presentation on Google Slides and the Q&A on YouTube. The presentation content is also reproduced below, as is an embedded video of the Q&A!

Group Conversation Presentation

4 releases since the last GC (2021-03-15)

  1. V1.71.0Adds support for utility plugin type, added out of the box support for tap-zoom, fixes a bug to prevent false positive matches in passwords 
  1. V1.72.0 –  Added support for shortcut commands to invoke,  Added support for sqlfluff utility for linting SQL transforms,  Added mashey variant of tap-slack,  Added documentation for using a custom Python Package Index (PyPi),  Added transferwise variant of target-redshift. Fixes an error when when target process fails before tap. 
  1. V1.73.0 – Added twilio-labs variant of tap-zendesk, Speed up meltano install by installing plugins in parallel, Added support for setting kind in settings prompt when using meltano add –custom
  1. V1.74.0 – Add meltano remove command

SDK for Singer Taps Launched with 5 Subsequent Releases!

  1. v0.1.0 – SDK Launched! Announcement post: 
  1. v0.1.1 –  Added ‘admin_name’ field in cookiecutter, streamline poetry setup, Added meltano integration and testing options , Added new cookiecutter .sh script to ease testing during development
  1. v0.1.2 – Fixes bug in Stream.get_starting_timestamp() using incorrect state key
  1. v0.1.3Large update to add support for unsorted streams
  1. v0.1.4Adds support for GraphQL variables and easy stream selection
  2. v0.1.5 – Resolved tap failure when a sorted stream has non-unique replication keys

22 Recent contributions by 9 community members


  1. Meltano: Support for a generic plugin type for arbitrary python cli plugins by Charles Julian Knight (FIXD)
  2. Meltano: Add documentation for using a custom PyPI package by Benjamin Maquet (Twilio)
  3. Meltano: Updated the database_uri documentation for target-postgres by Daniel Walker (Matatika)
  4. Meltano: Adding pipelinewise target-redshift by Ingo Klose (b.telligent)
  5. Meltano: Add support for shortcut commands for plugins by Charles Julian Knight (FIXD)   
  6. Meltano: Disallow parallel pipelines by default by Charles Julian Knight (FIXD)
  7. Meltano: Add tap-zendesk variant by Benjamin Maquet (Twilio)
  8. Meltano: Configure kind of setting via prompt when adding a custom plugin by Reuben Frankel (Matatika)
  9. Meltano: Add `meltano remove <type> <name>` command to remove a plugin  by Reuben Frankel (Matatika)
  10. Singer-sdk: Fix reading catalog from JSON file by Edgar R. Mondragón (SpotOn)
  11. Singer-sdk: Fixed bug in STATE handling by Ken Payne (
  12. Singer-sdk: Look only for valid plugin settings in environment variables by Edgar R. Mondragón (SpotOn)
  13. Singer-sdk: Fixed issue reading from JSON file by Edgar R. Mondragón (SpotOn)
  14. Singer-sdk: Added default value support for plugin configs by Ken Payne (
  15. Singer-sdk: Fixed a problem where CI pipelines would fail when run from a fork by Derek Visch (Auto IDM)
  16. Singer-sdk: Fixed a scenario where unsorted incremental streams would generate incorrect STATE bookmarks by Egi Gjevori (y42)

In development

  1. Meltano: Update default dbt version to 0.18.2 by Andrew Stewart
  2. Meltano: Add fork of target-csv as new default variant by Hassan Syyid (Hotglue)
  3. Singer-sdk:Add built-in support for FAST_SYNC spec by Ken Payne (
  4. Meltano: Auto-generate dbt sources.yml from extractor/loader schema by Andrew Stewart
  5. Singer-sdk: Support defining configuration and stream schemas using Pydantic by Edgar R. Mondragón (SpotOn)
  6. Meltano: Allow Meltano to be run from subdirectories by Charles Julian Knight (FIXD)

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