Demo Day Recap: Meltano Hub Soft Launch

Starting the month with a fantastic Demo Day, does it get any better than that?? We think not! If you missed it, the recording of the livestream is available on the Meltano YouTube channel.

Taylor started the session by demoing our brand new MeltanoHub which we soft-launched today. There was a lot of surface area to cover and we highly recommend you check it out yourself. Let us know if you have ideas on ways to improve or you want to contribute!

Next we had community member Nick Hamlin from GlobalGiving share how they’ve been using dbt exposures to increase their confidence in downstream reports within Metabase.

Following Nick, we had Derek Visch from Auto IDM share the work he’s been doing on target-mssql and in getting Meltano running well on Windows. Join him in the #windows and #singer-targets channels if you want to collaborate on either of those with him!

After him we had AJ demo the latest SDK for Singer Taps release by walking us through his new version of tap-github and connecting that to output to target-jsonl. This work will be utilized to support feeding data into the MeltanoHub, so we’re quite excited by this progress!

Lastly, we had Edward Smith share some of the improvements he’s been working on to enable tap-postgres to use timestamp-based incremental loads.

Overall, this was a great Demo Day and we look forward to hosting many more of these. We’re always listening to feedback and looking for ways to improve, so please contribute to any issue within the main project or chat with us on Slack if that’s more your style. Thank you to everyone who joined the livestream!

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Our next Meltano Demo Day is on Friday, May 21 and we have our next office hours session on Wednesday, May 12. We hope to see you there!


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