Demo Day Recap: MeltanoHub – the Most Comprehensive Source for Singer Taps

Another Friday, another fantastic Demo Day! If you missed it, the recording of the livestream is available on the Meltano YouTube channel.

Taylor kicked off the session by talking more about our exciting announcement: the MeltanoHub is now the most comprehensive source for Singer Taps. It lists 184 taps and we expect to add more over the coming weeks and months.

AJ followed up this announcement by diving into some of the work that went into getting to this number. The work he’s been doing touches all parts of Meltano and Singer:

We want this project to be a great example of how to use Meltano for production use cases. We’ll continue to dogfood the tool and keep this as a representative method of structuring and organizing a Meltano project.

Next we had Daigo Tanaka from ANELEN talk about his consulting company and Handoff, the open source tool that he wrote for his clients. ANELEN has multiple taps on the MeltanoHub and is now also listed on the partners page for Meltano.

Lastly, we had Florian from Kuwala share some about their open source location data integration project.

This was a great Demo Day and we’re really appreciative of community members who take the time to share their work. We’re always listening to feedback and looking for ways to improve, so please contribute to any issue within the main project or chat with us on Slack if that’s more your style. Thank you to everyone who joined the livestream!

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Our next Meltano Demo Day is on Friday, June 4 and we have our next office hours session on Wednesday, May 26. We hope to see you there!


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