Demo Day Recap: Meltano Hub Updates

It’s the first Demo Day where Meltano is a separate startup and it was best one yet! If you missed it, the recording of the livestream is available on the Meltano YouTube channel.

We kicked off Demo Day by recapping our big announcements on Wednesday – Meltano is officially a separate company spun out of GitLab, and we have several new team members!

Meltano was also featured on 2 podcasts, Software Engineering Daily and the Data Engineering Podcast.

After that, he shared more about recent updates to MeltanoHub including the milestone of reaching 251 taps and 17 targets. 30 of those taps are now discoverable within Meltano as well.

Next we had Prratek Ramchandani from the community share the tap he built using the Meltano SDK for importing data from dbt artifacts. This led to a good discussion about how Meltano and dbt should handle these artifacts as well as how some of the features of a tap could be better handled in the SDK.

AJ then went into a detailed demo of our big release of the Target and Stream Map SDKs. Stream Maps, in particular, were highlighted because it enables novel ways to alter data prior to sending it to a tap. After this AJ showed how we drive the data for MeltanoHub using these new features of the SDK. AJ also briefly walked us through the new Meltano Academy deck which is aimed at walking people through how to build a new tap using Meltano SDK.

Lastly, we had a couple of community questions. One question was about backfilling data using Airflow and Meltano, and the other was about how Meltano might integrate with Reverse ETL tools and Airflow Operators.

Overall, this was a fantastic Demo Day and we’re very appreciative of community members who take the time to share their work. We’re always listening to feedback and looking for ways to improve, so please contribute to any issue within the main project or chat with us on Slack if that’s more your style. Thank you to everyone who joined the livestream!

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Our next Meltano Demo Day is on Friday, July 16 and we have our next office hours session on Wednesday, July 7. We hope to see you there!


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