Demo Day with Lightdash

Another successful Demo Day on the books. If you missed it, you can watch the livestream recording on YouTube. Want to see your project listed here? Join us in #demo-day on Slack and let us know!

AJ Steers, our Head of Engineering, kicked us off with opening Meltano projects directly in VS Code. Projects will open in a development container, which will allow you to get up and running on macOS and Windows without much environment configuration. No Docker experience required! You can view the (very simple) Dockerfile and devcontainer config here. If you add a VSCode dev container to your own projects we’d love to hear how your experience went! In that same repository, we also got an overview of running Meltano with GitHub Actions. You can browse the config or see it in action by cloning the repository.

Oliver Laslett, Co-founder and CTO at Lightdash, gave us an overview of Lightdash, which is an open source BI tool. If you’re running dbt you should definitely check them out. He also walked us through a GitHub tap that allows you to extract data from the GitHub API. The demo loads this into PostgreSQL and transforms it with dbt, and lets you spin up Lightdash to visualize it.

Douwe Maan, our CEO, went through the pitch deck that was used to raise our seed round. If you want more information on the Meltano story or vision it’s worth a look! Stay tuned for more information about this deck and the future of DataOps.

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Our next Meltano Demo Day is on Friday, July 30th and we have our next office hours session on Wednesday, July 21st. We hope to see you there!


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