🎉 Happy IT Professionals Day: Why Software Developers Rule! 🎉

September 19th is IT Professionals Day, a day to celebrate the people who make all our lives run so smoothly! Today, we’re putting them into the spotlight, mostly hidden behind the scenes of funny games, heavy APIs, or extensive enterprise software.

So why do we love software developers? For starters, we have a bunch of our own here at Meltano that literally keep everything running. 

But there’s more to love about software developers!

More languages than I can count: Java, Python, Ruby… not remote locations, but kick-ass complex programming languages software developers speak a dozen off.

Creativity: Turning 10 cups of coffee into enjoyable software since 1963.

Bug whispering: No pesticides used on those bugs, just a lot of patience, like a kid using a plastic cup to throw an ugly spider out of the window instead of stomping it.

Travelers of time: It is normal for software engineers to “check out yesterday” and start all over again. That’s mindblowing, and I’d love to do that on sooo many days at the gym.

Fashionistas: Who else can rock the “it’s-not-a-bug-it’s-a-feature” shirt with a “have-you-tried-turning-it-off-and-on-again” mug in hand?

Your job is essential, so keep up the excellent work, even if you’re hidden most of the time.

Today is the best day to buy your favorite IT professional a snack or a coffee! And give a warm round of applause to them for #ITProDay.


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