Meet Melty the Dragon: Meltano’s New Mascot

Mr. Peanut, Tony the Tiger, Chester Cheeto, and Energizer Bunny welcome Melty Meltano the Dragon to the club! 

Melty Meltano

As part of rebranding Meltano, the team debated the usefulness of bringing on a brand mascot. Brand mascots are particularly helpful in defining brand voice and personality, especially when a company’s product offering is hard to visualize or conceptualize. Mascots can be instrumental in building and fostering user empathy. Having a paradigmatic symbol of values we want to live by and the community we want to serve will be an invaluable tool. A totem for our brand’s personality and value is especially effective for Meltano, which is an all-remote team. Being all remote, people don’t have as many face-to-face interactions, which usually foster a strong connection to each other and to a brand.

Why a dragon?

While on our team offsite, there were lengthy discussions on what animal would best represent us. The team entertained being a sea creature, since there are a lot of water animals associated with data and tech companies. We looked into pack and collaborative animals like elephants or otters. A beaver was also considered, as they are builders. None of these felt quite right or distinct enough, so we decided to put a pin in the discussion and go get dinner. While walking to dinner, a dragon just came to us. No one knows who said it first, but it was as if we had all collectively thought of a dragon. Melty was born!

Dragons are known for their archetypal characteristics and notoriety. Dragons are mythical, strong, enduring, and can be fierce but also cute. They are not afraid of challenges, and approach obstacles with honor, confidence, intelligence, and enthusiasm. Dragons are particularly versatile; they come in many forms and are present in tons of different cultures. We appreciate that they are “imaginary” and spark a sense of curiosity and the pursuit of the unknown. We imagine a better way forward in the data space. The future of work and that optimism are mirrored in our conviction in Melty the dragon. 

Lastly, the word dragon is thought to have derived from the Greek word δράκων, which is most likely derived from the verb δέρκομαι (dérkomai), meaning “I see.” “I see” ties perfectly into providing data teams and users visibility and control.

Who is Melty?

As the Regional Fire Chief, Melty prioritized the efficiency and collaboration of their district teams. Feeling frustrated with the current state of their data stack, Melty had trouble determining how to get the most out of the department’s data. Seeking a seamless solution, Melty found Meltano. After working together for a couple of years, we developed an undeniable connection. Melty asked all the right questions, drove us to make better products and documentation so they could thrive in their pursuit of perpetual learning and improvement.

Melty the Meltano Dragon will melt your heart with its curious and adventurous nature.

Melty’s personality 

Melty is friendly, kind, and empathetic. Melty loves creating delightful moments and bringing people together. The best parties are the dinner parties that Melty hosts every month.

Rainbow Melty Meltano

Please welcome Melty to the community. Be on the lookout for more Melty iterations and melty swag coming soon. 


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