Meltano v1.17.0 is Now Available

The Meltano team continues to work on making a useful set of default dashboards available as soon as you setup any of the available data extractors. We’re also making it easier to select specific date ranges of data, and have further refined and simplified the UI.


  • #1462 User will be able to reorder dashboard reports
  • #1482 Add future grants and revocations for schemas, tables, and views for roles in the meltano permissions command
  • #1376 Add last updated date to reports
  • #1409 Add data start date to Analysis page
  • #1241 Add dashboard plugin type to enable bundling curated reports and dashboards for data sources
  • #1241 Add --include-related flag to meltano add and meltano install to automatically install related plugins based on namespace
  • #1241 Add default dashboard and reports for Google Analytics


  • #1481 Add table and view revocations for roles in the meltano permissions command
  • #1459 Users can no longer install tap-carbon-intensity from the UI


  • #1600 Fix tooltip for Data Source “Connect” buttons
  • #1605 Fix an infinite loop causing extraneous API calls to the configuration endpoint
  • #1561 Fix onFocusInput() to properly focus-and-auto-scroll to <input type='file'>s in the data source docs UI
  • #1561 Fix <input type='file'> styling to better accommodate flexible widths


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