Meltano v1.25.1 is Now Available

Meltano version 1.25.1 is now available, with various UX improvements and bug fixes.

The changelog below also lists new features and other changes introduced in v1.24.1 and v1.25.0, since these were not announced in their own blog posts.


  • #1799 Improve date range UX by displaying the date range associated with each attribute in the <select> (previously the user had to manually check each one-by-one to see if it had an associated date range filter)
  • #1843 Update the Google Ads Extractor selected attributes definition to also extract the Ad Network and Device segments for the Ads Performance Reports.
  • !1523 Add support for relative date filter definitions to Meltano Filters. That means that filters over dates and times can have a [+-]N[dmy] format instead of a fixed date. That allows Meltano to generate a date relative to a pivot date provided by in the query definition or NOW().
  • #1830 Add relative vs. absolute date ranges to date range picker of Report Builder


  • #1799 Update “Date Range(s)” button label to account for pluralization
  • #1799 Fallback to inline text and only display the date range <select> if there are two or more date ranges to filter on
  • #1799 Update date range picker to initialize at the first attribute with a valid date range
  • #1799 Update the Report Builder’s “jump to date range dropdown” buttons (small calendar icon button associated with the left pane’s attribute items) to automatically focus the date range that’s associated
  • #1852 Move Pipelines after Connections in navbar
  • #1850 Rename Connections tab “Connection” and “Pipeline” buttons to “Edit Connection”, and “View Pipeline”
  • #1856 Remove “Custom” data source option from UI
  • #1867 Make timeframe table headings more human-friendly
  • #1830 Update date ranges calendars with “Today” marker for improved UX


  • #1872 Delete state left over from different pipeline run for same extractor
  • #1779 Fix loading report directly by URL when design request completes before reports request
  • #1848 Fix Explore page “Report Builder” column loading when model name and model topic name do not match


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