Meltano v1.27.0 is Now Available

Meltano version 1.27.0 is now available, with various bug fixes and set up flow improvements.


  • #1909 Suggest disabling ad blocker if request related to an Ads or Analytics extractor was blocked by browser
  • #1886 Don’t prepopulate date fields that are not required and are better left blank
  • #1887 Hide End Date fields in connection setup since our end-users will want to import everything
  • #1905 Hide Google Analytics Reports field from UI since startup founder end-users will stick with default


  • #1920 Fix extractor logo on Google Analytics Explore page
  • #1895 Fix bug causing newly created pipeline not to show as running when it is
  • #1906 Fix “Test Connection” for extractors that require a file to be uploaded, like Google Analytics
  • #1931 Validate uploaded file path when saving or testing connection settings


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