Meltano v1.27.3 is Now Available

Meltano version 1.27.3 is now available, with various UX improvements, bug fixes, and changes behind the scenes.

Meltano version 1.27.1 was also released earlier today, but contained two regressions that were addressed in versions 1.27.2 and 1.27.3.


  • #1477 Allow read-only mode and authentication to be used at the same time, to allow anonymous read-only access and only require authentication for write actions.
  • #1914 Allow default dashboards and reports to be updated in place if package contains snapshots of older versions
  • #1933 Allow Meltano UI Google Analytics ID to be overridden using environment variable


  • #1896 Set pipeline update interval to daily by default, to start after first successful manual run
  • #1888 Explain in “Edit Connection” button tooltip why it may be disabled
  • #1890 Clarify that changing Start Date requires a new pipeline to be set up
  • #1892 Clarify in Run Log modal that the “Explore” button can also be found on the Connections page
  • #1891 Show data source logo and label in Run Log modal header instead of pipeline ID
  • #1893 Hide “Download Log” button while pipeline is running instead of disabling it
  • #1894 Suggest connecting a data source on Pipelines page when there are no pipelines yet
  • #1912 Suggest user gets in touch if the report they’re looking for is not included by default


  • #1911 Display “Last updated: Updating…” instead of “Last updated: 1969-12-31” on reports while pipeline is running
  • #1910 Fix pipeline “Start date” and report “Data starting from” off-by-1 errors caused by timezone differences


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