Meltastic by Meltano: January 2023 Edition

What happened in the Meltano universe in the last four weeks? Meltano got support to run an additional 200+ connectors using tap-airbyte and much more. 

Let’s get to the details. 

⭐200+ connectors added and Meltano inside codespaces ⭐

Two fun updates that got shipped in the last month are about Meltano inside codespaces and tap-airbyte.

Tap-airbyte support was added for Meltano. That means you’re now able to run any Airbyte source connector using Meltano. For a detailed read, take a look at Taylors blog post on the Meltano blog

A big thanks to the community member Alex Butler for shipping the tap-airbyte-wrapper that makes this possible.

We also added a new intro to Meltano in case you haven’t tried it out or want to share the experience. It’s powered completely inside GitHub codespaces, and will get every Meltano newbie running within 15 minutes, we promise!

What got shipped?

We shipped two major releases in the past 30 days. One of the bigger features added is support to init meltano into a non-empty directory e.g. containing a .git folder. 

List of all releases:

  • v2.13.0 contains multiple features including the meltano init into a non-empty directory. This makes it easier to share meltano projects & work with deployments. We also added a tap-airbyte FAQ to the docs and fixed a few more issues. 
  • v2.12.0 contains performance improvements, docs fixes and bug fixes. Meltano now doesn’t fail when the AWS credentials exist in the host environment and you do get a better error message when the connection to the Hub API fails.
  • Includes 2 community contributions (thanks to Derek Visch and Andrew Herr)

Community & Hub updates:

Thank you all for these amazing contributions to the Meltano universe.

More Updates

A lot has happened on the Meltano blog, here are a few highlights.

Keep on being Meltastic! And if we missed your contribution to the community, just hit us up on Slack, LinkedIn or wherever. 


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