Meltastic by Meltano: September 2023 Edition

What happened in the Meltano universe in the last four weeks? A ton!

We’re building something new, take a look!

We’re building a new product and we’d love to get your feedback.

We’d love to chat if you’re building data-powered software or machine-learning solutions and…

  • Are struggling with lots of API integrations and pipelines
  • Are fighting multiple API libraries
  • Don’t want to worry about data engineering, ETL, or data pipelines at all

Then we might have something for you, and you should give us a call! You can already take a look here: 

What got shipped?

☁️ Meltano Cloud 🏃 Run State

With Meltano Core you’re able to easily manage the state of your incremental runs using the meltano state command. Most of this functionality was ported to Meltano Cloud so that you can control your runs as you see fit. If you need to clear state to run a backfill, that’s as easy as meltano cloud state delete –state-id <id>. Read more about the command in our Cloud docs.

☁️ Meltano Cloud ✅ SOC2 Type 1 Audit Passed

We’re extremely proud to announce that we’ve passed our SOC2 Type 1 Audit. Read more about this milestone in our blog post.

Meltano 3.0

We released v3.0 of Meltano Core! Check out this blog post for more details on new features and any breaking changes.

We also released the first patch release (v3.1) of Meltano which includes a number of community contributions.


The python setting is now supported in the metadata of all connectors. This is a new feature enabled in Meltano 3.0. Check out the docs for more information.


  • Added the danielptv variant of tap-db2 based on the SDK – Hub Link
  • Added the Meltano Labs variant of tap-salesforce based on the SDK – Hub Link
  • Added the felippecaso variant of tap-applehealth based on the SDK – Hub Link
  • Added the Matatika variant of tap-capsulecrm – Hub Link
  • Added the Meltano Labs variant of tap-bigquery – Hub Link


We shipped 1 release of the SDK:

Meltano Related Content

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Keep on being Meltastic! And if we missed your contribution to the community, just hit us up on SlackLinkedIn, or wherever. 


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